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Thank you for showing your interest to join in our team. Here is the getting started tutorial. Please follow all the steps that are given in this document.


1. Installing necessary software’s on your computer. Watch video download link

2. Use the demo login and password.

Login: demo  Password: demo

3. After you follow above video. Watch the 2nd video . It shows how to add login and password in the software and start the work.




Instructions to test/work in the software.

1. Open the speedtypers software. Fill the Username as demo and Password as demo then save it.

2. Click on Login Gmail and then Press SIGN IN. Login with your gmail, after inbox opened close the Login Gmail window.

3. Now reopen the software. Please wait until the work started it could take up to 60 seconds. If you can successfully work with demo id. Email us or Chat with us to request your own login and password.

Requesting Username and Password by Email.

India Users

Email us your bank account details to [email protected] we will send you Username and Password to start the work.

Payment Details
Bank Name
Payee Name
Account No

Other Country Users

Email us your Verified Paypal Email account to [email protected] we will send you Username and Password to start the work.



Speedtypers working with multiple windows.

Please download video from below link and watch it completely.

fter you have done everything above. Please request us Username and Password through Chat from contact page.


Our communication details.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: +91 9059893343 (Call us only when there is an emergency.)

 Note: Please prefer to contact us on website through Live Chat, Email.

Frequently Asked Question:

  • Is there any registration fee?
  • You do not have to pay registration fee to join us.
  • Registration is free and open to anyone who want to join us.
  • How do we receive payment?
  • Foreign users get paid by Paypal and India users get paid in their bank account.
  • When does payment will come?
  • Payment for previous will be made on between Monday is the starting date and Friday is the last date for payout.
  • What are the minimum requirements to do the job?
  • User should have a Computer/Laptop.
  • Any of these devices will support to work on our project.
  • How much internet speed required?
  • Any high speed broadband internet 2Mbps or above is recommended.
  • What are the work timings?
  • At this moment. Work is available 24 hours 7 days a week nonstop.
  • Is there any minimum payout limit?
  • You should do a minimum of 10,000 submissions in a week that is by Sunday, midnight Indian Standard Tim.
  • What happens if we do not do minimum submissions?
  • Payment will not receive if minimum work is not done.
  • How many submissions can be done in a day?
  • Approximately 5,000 to 6,000 submissions can be done in a day.
  • That is if done 7 days a week. 40,000 submissions can be done easily.
  • How much do we get paid per 1000 submissions?
  • Least amount of 0.70$ will be paid per 1000 images. It may vary from time to time.
  • How long does it take to submit 1000 images?
  • It takes approximately 60 to 70 minutes to submit 1000 images.
  • Is there any accuracy limit?
  • We do not have any accuracy restrictions. All your successful submissions considered as valid.
  • What happens if I select the wrong answer?
  • The web page says try again. So you can select the right answer.
  • I have some more questions?
  • Please contact us on phone number that is given in Contact Us page